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Consecration of Bishop Jorge Pina Cabral

St. Paul’s Cathedral, in Lisbon, hosted, on the 25th April 2013, Feast of St. Mark, the Evangelist, at 3 pm, the consecration ceremony of the elected Bishop Jorge Pina Cabral, and his installation on the Diocesan Cathedra.

As the Lusitanian Church is based in the Historic Episcopate, the Most Revd Fernando Soares, Diocesan Bishop for over 31 years, was the President Bishop accompanied by the Co-presidents bishops,  Rt Revd Bishop Michael Jackson, Lord Archbishop of Dublin, Primate of Ireland and Diocesano of Glendalough, representing the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Metropolitan of the Lusitanian Church; Rt Revd Bishop Maurício Andrade, Primate of Brasil and Diocesan of Brasília, Anglican Episcopal Church of Brasil; Rt Revd Martin Wharton, Diocesan of Newcastle, Church of England; Rt Revd Geoffrey Rowel, Diocesan of Gibraltar in Europe, Church of England; Rt Revd Pierre Whalon, the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, United States of America Episcopal Church; Rt Revd Carlos Lopez Lozano, Diocesan of the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church; Rt Revd John Mcdowell, Diocesan of Clogher, Church of Ireland; Rt Revd David Hamid, Suffragan Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, Church of England; Rt Revd John Okoro, Old Catholic Bishop in Austria; Rt Revd Clóvis Rodrigues, Emeritus Bishop of Recife, Anglican Episcopal Church of Brasil; joined by the Lusitanian Church Clergy and Lay Readers.

In a clear sign of ecumenism and companionship, there were representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church, the German Evangelical Church of Porto, the British chaplains in Portugal, the Portuguese Bible Society and the Portuguese Council of Christian Churches. The people of the Lusitanian Church gave a great sign of mobilization, unity and joy with their new Diocesan Bishop, filling the cathedral and adjoining rooms, counting more than 450 people attending. The celebration was intense and full of gestures and signs that characterize the strong liturgical experience of the Lusitanian Church. The songs and hymns were musically animated by the Choirs of the Northern Archdeaconry of the Lusitanian Church and the Publia Hortênsia.

In his final message the Rt Revd Jorge Pina Cabral, visibly moved, expressed his joy and gratitude, urging the Church present to witness Christ by serving the needy. In this regard, he referred the happy coincidence checked, as the celebration of his consecration was held on a significant day for the Portuguese people, as the 25 April is the date of the Carnation Revolution. The episcopal motto Rt Revd Jorge chose for his Ministry was taken from the First Letter of Peter, Chapter 1, verse 16, "Be holy because I am holy", establishing a relationship with the Holy of Holies, Jesus Christ our Lord, who invites everyone to holiness.

The Rt Revd Jorge Pina Cabral is the fourth Consecrated Bishop of the Lusitanian Church.
He’s 46 years old, is married and has two children.
He was established as a Lay Reader/Layman in 1992, ordained Deacon in 1995andPriest in 1997. Since 1997, he is responsiblefor the parishes of S. John the Evangelist and the Good Shepherd, and he is Northern Archdeacon(1998) and Vicar-General (2007), and was elected Bishop by the 94th Synod of the Lusitanian Church in November 2012, was consecrated Bishop and installed on the Diocesan Cathedra in the 25th April 2013.
He has a degree in Physical Education and Sports Studies, from the from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Porto, Portugal, (1989) in Physical Education and Sport Sciences from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Porto. He attended the Lusitanian Center for Theological Studies and, in 2001, completed his degree in Religious Studies at the Catholic University of Porto. Since 1992, he was the Executive Director of the Association of Schools of the Torne and Prado (AETP), recognized as a “Private Organization Providing for Public Good” under Portuguese federal law, the AETP is a private, non-profit organization in Vila Nova de Gaia. He is heavily involved in social work in Vila Nova de Gaia and, in 2011, held a postgraduate degree in Management of Non-Profit Organizations, at the Management School of Porto.
From May he will exercise in full-time his Episcopal function at the Lusitanian Church Diocesan Center.
Almighty God,
We pray for thy servant Jorge, bishop of this diocese.
Help him day after day,
so he could be for us a wise and enlightened guide,
a comprehensive and attentive Pastor,
and a sage and faithful master.
Give him good health, strong mind,
protection in his travels,
and the blessing of your presence in his home.
For the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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